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The challenges of open mobile design

The first slide of the presentation

Designing in the open has inherent difficulties as the danger of producing a camel always lurks. At the same time the status quo in mobile UI is consumption-oriented. These are the big challenges we face when working on Glacier UI for nemomobile and I believe they are worth talking about.

This talk starts with a brief introduction on ways to handle the risk of losing the vision and coherence of the design while still fostering participation, and how we are trying to do that on the nemomobile project. Being friendly and accepting proposals and at the same time keeping a grip on the focus of the design, in a project that lives exclusively on contributors’ free time: compromises, solutions and ideals.

The rest of the presentation delves into the specifics of mobile OS interface design and how we try to evolve a mobile UI that enables productivity on a small screen as opposed to mere content consumption, with Glacier UI..

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