Open image location extension for darktable


I find it useful to be able to open a picture's location with nautilus using a shortcut in darktable. This is only for gnome for the time being but I'm posting here in case somebody else finds it useful.

``` --[[ This file is copyright (c) 2017 Michael Demetriou It is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT...

How to connect a cheap laser kit to your reprap


If you want to engrave things with your reprap you can add a laser diode. I have come across some guides that explain how to salvage one from an old DVD burner. There is also the quite expensive JTech Photonics addon which I'm certain would provide some advantages over this solution, but it was out of budget.

However I saw that these things are available quite cheaply from the usual places on the net and promise 3x the power of the DVD burner diode.

You will need a heatsink for that and a driver, that looks like this

There are quite some variations so I will not show a pinout, but...

How to launch two instances of spotify at the same time on linux


I have a PC at home that works as an entertainment center. I run spotify on it and control it with my smartphone so I don't even have to turn on the monitor to listen to my tunes.

However, I'm not alone at home and I'd like my SO to be able to do that too, without having to log in and out of spotify all the time.

I triede creating a separate user account and run it as that with gksudo but I ran into a number of permission issues. I was able to run it by doing xhost + but it still was unable to play music.

The next step was to just override $HOME, which worked, but when I tried to...

A review of the D610 and the D750 from a long time D300 user perspective


My digital photography journey started with a 2mpix HP photosmart 315, and went on to a Pentax S4. In 2007 I decided I had to get on the DSLR bandwagon.

Note: I digress quite a bit in this article. As I find background info useful to understand if the writer fits my style and if I should actually give weight to the opinions present, I decided not to shorten it. But if you don't care about why I decided on the D750 and just want to actually read about the D610 and D750, scroll down to The present

The 350D

It all started with the Canon 350D, the kit 18-55 and a Sigma 55-200 which was soon...

How to import firefox passwords to KeepassX2 on MacOS


I wanted to import my firefox passwords into a keepass2 .kdbx database. This guide was very helpful until the point where neither KeePassX2 Alpha nor MacPass have a way to import from XML (MacPass has the menu entry but as of this time it is not implemented)

From there, I downloaded the regular KeePassX (version 1.x) imported from the XML and saved as a normal .kdb file. MacPass fortunately handles .kdb files, and you can easily drag and drop groups from one MacPass window to another.

Thus the only thing left to do was to open the .kdb with the imported firefox passwords side by side...

Hackers keyboard for android with greek tonos character — τόνος στο μικρό ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο του hacker's keyboard


Greek has only one (actually two, but the umlaut (διαλυτικά) is rare) accent character and it is used once in all words with more than one syllable. As such it is waaay faster to type the character before the corresponding letter than long pressing the letter to choose from the alternatives, especially since it is so frequently used. Most people leave this task to the auto-correct but as there are words that differ only at the place of the accent, and as I don't use autocomplete I prefer having a dedicated accent character.

Very few android keyboards have this and I couldn't find...

Would a blender style node editor make sense in Darktable?


I've been playing around with blender and darktable recently. I was trying to use a highpass filter as a mask for soften in darktable but not have it affect the final image, which (except if I don't understand something correctly) is impossible. Immediately the node editor of blender sprang to mind.

This would allow the result of any filter (especially low and high pass) to be used as a mask (or factor as blender has it) of another filter. Another bonus is that it allows reordering of the filters, and that two completely different pipelines could be mixed right at the end.

Blender has...

New Blog

Hi there. Mix't is my new weblog. I'm still debating if I should move over some, or all my blog posts from the old place, but from now on, you will find here lots of different subjects about the things I'm doing from time to time. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the read.