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I am Michael Demetriou but you can find
me on the web by the alias of qwazix too.

Currently I work at outofbounds, designing websites

I also do UI prototyping
and client web programming

    echo  'really?!?';  

occasionally, if there is a need
I do a little server side coding

I have worked in the past as a civil engineer,

(that's what I studied)

photographer, web and graphics designer, and I am an amateur bartender

I also love cinema, junk food, free software, diet coke, science fiction, comic books, mobile phones and other gadgets, cocktails, interior design, life in a city, rock music...

I'm also an active member of and I have written/ported some linux applications for the maemo platform

You can find me in the usual social networks
or visit my blog

but most of all types of communication, I like e-mail,
so point your mail program to