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Doom 3 for macOS

I wanted to play Doom 3 on my mac. I know that there’s an App Store version but I had just bought the Windows version from steam and I didn’t want to pay the extra $10 to buy the game again.

The game engine is open source and some good folks had already made it work on macOS so I just downloaded and compiled. I also fixed some configuration so that you can just unpack a zip file in the windows installation folder and run it with double click.

I tried creating a standalone .app but I failed as the app didn’t seem to be able to find bundled libraries unless I set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH so I did just that in the included shell script.

Anyway, here’s the zip. I can only say it WORKSFORME.

Update: dhewm

It seems that this crashes when you finish the first level. I finally settled to using dhewm3.

The project does not provide MacOS binaries so I rolled my own. Here it is.

Unzip next to Doom3.exe and double click run dhewm. Unfortunately I couldn’t make running the .app file work…