Michael Demetriou — CV

I am a generalist obsessed with technology and its impacts. I am a coder and a visual artist. I’m also entrepreneur and along with a few select co-workers and friends bootstrapped our own company. One of the things I’m most proud of is rosalind a fully opensource parametric 3D printer designed and built from scratch in OpenSCAD.

Work Experience

2020 - Technical and Design lead at ARDU PRIME AEPEY

Right now I am building a team responsible for the Ardu Crypto app. My day-to-day work includes design, team coordination and mentoring as well as coding in vue.js. Also, I have an overview of the redesign of THE GREEN CITY mobile and web app.

2020 — Administrator of demetriou engineering ltd

My parents retired and I have been in charge of the family business.

2020-2022 — UX Designer/Systems Architect on contract at outofbounds.gr

This year I have been working almost full time as a UX designer and systems architect for outofbounds.gr. The current projects revolve around waste management and IoT. At the same time I have been working on the UX of user-facing web applications for a large private school in Thessaloniki.

2019 — Go/ActivityPub developer on contract at write.as

The 2nd semester of 2019 I have been working part time as a Go developer at write.as an opensource, federated blogging platform. I have been working on both front-end (HTML/JavaScript) and back end (Go) development and I completed a full ActivityPub application called pherephone which aggregates posts from various fediverse accounts in a single place.

2015-2019 — Project Manager and 3D Printer developer at demetriou engineering ltd

Project Manager at the family company, demetriou engineering ltd. Led a team of 4 which was tasked to push the company towards agile, version control and modern working practices. I was also in charge of R&D, social media outreach, IT and business software.

As part of our R&D efforts I designed and built Rosalind, a completely parametric OpenSCAD CoreXY 3D printer. Rosalind is proudly part of the #RepRap project and licensed under the GPL.

2009-2015 — Co-founder and director at outofbounds.gr

In charge with visuals for our company and our client’s. Built the brand of outofbounds as well as several other companies. Hand crafted the html/css/js code for dozens of websites back when browsers still worked against us. A project I have been particularly proud of is secos.gr where I did the full branding/coding/3Dgraphics/print work. The brand is defunct but an archive still lives here

At outofbounds I worked intensively with php backend code, including a white-label customer research tool and bridging system with a Microsoft stack CRM. In those projects I also dipped my toes into MySQL. I have since created several other php projects and I have been introduced to the laravel framework.

2008-2009 — Field engineer at Attikat SA

Field engineer at the Stylida work site, part of the Athens - Thessaloniki motorway. The site included several km of Tunnels as well as bridges up to 30m high.

2008 — Car journalist, evo magazine.

2007 — Structural analysis and design, Platon Stylianou engineering firm.

2006 — Wedding photographer, Tasos Kyriakides Photo Studio.

Skills and Interests


Many years of practice as a hobby and professionally. I have snapped more than 100K photos and have taken part in numerous exhibitions. I have also shot a short movie.

3D graphics

I know my way around 3D graphics suites especially blender. I always try to understand the physics of light, common in photography and 3D.


I’ve been coding since 10. I made my first website in 2001, one that went on to win the “best student website award” between schools of Athens. I have deep knowledge of web technologies, especially CSS.

Apart from that I am quite familiar with Python and Go, I know php very well and I have limited C, C++ and Qt coding abilities: I built one of the first smartphone camera apps with raw support and software Image Stabilization.

Desktop Publishing

I know Inkscape, Scribus and the GIMP inside-out, and have designed more than a dozen business cards, folders, flyers and other print materials and oversaw the process from start to finish.

UX Design

I have designed the administration panel of dozens of websites including a full-fledged e-commerce platform, and I have been the lead designer for nemomobile, a GNU/Linux distribution for mobile phones.

FLOSS development and community management

I have contributed to numerous Open Source projects, I have authored a few myself and I have been elected in the Maemo Community Council two times in a row. I’ve also attended several FOSDEM editions and gave talks in three of them.


2011-today — Professional Training in various domains.

I have completed professional Make Up artist training, professional Bartending training, two intensive Creating Writing courses and several photography seminars and workshops.

2008 — Minor Degree in Management, University of Cyprus.

2007 — Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus

2006 — Independent research: Solving structural problems with genetic algorithms.


I am fluent in English, Greek is my native language and I have Delf II in French though my French is really rusty.

Contact Info

qwazix.com — q@qzx.gr — +30 6944727963 — @qwazix@fosstodon.orgthis CV in pdf